Plant Inspections In Northern Ireland

Are you looking for engineering professionals who offer Plant Inspection & Certification in Northern Ireland? Look no further than Engineering Inspections (Ireland) Ltd.

We can inspect your plant and equipment to make sure you are compliant in terms of current statutory regulations.

Why Use Us?

Engineering Inspections (Ireland) Ltd is an independent engineering inspection company. We are based in Northern Ireland but also do work in the Republic of Ireland and mainland UK.

We carry out inspections for a range of well-known Insurance Brokers in addition to many direct clients ranging from small local businesses to large nationwide businesses with multiple locations.

But why use us?

Simple answer - Our Service:

We will supply a quote within 1 day 
others will take weeks

If required and agreed, we can arrange to inspect within 1 day
others will take weeks

We are just a local phone call away and are happy to discuss your inspections at any time
try that with the others

If you want to discuss your requirements, let us know
we are happy to visit your site for a face-to-face meeting. No charge.

Without the overheads of larger inspection groups
we are competitively priced

We do not apply standard Minimum Fee charges. All our quotes are individual and based on the plant to be inspected

Minimum Fee charges can result in quotes for £400 for inspecting a single forklift truck.

All our inspections are planned and agreed beforehand with the client
we never just turn up and then issue a Not Available inspection report

We do not use Not Available inspection reports to manage our workload
don’t take my word for it. If you are currently having your plant inspected, look to see how many Not Available reports you have. These reports change to due date of the next inspection by saying the current inspection was not done and the fault was yours. You have paid for the inspection and now you won’t get it. The legal responsibility hasn’t gone away; you are not compliant and are at risk.

Our Services


Crane Equipment & Lifts (Passenger & Goods etc)

We inspect on all types of Lifts (Passenger or Goods etc).
We inspect all types of Cranes (dockside, gantry, mobile, tower etc.).
We inspect all types of Lifting equipment such as forklift trucks hoists, vehicle lifts, mobile work elevation platforms, excavators etc., and all types of Lifting Accessories such as slings, safety rigs, eye bolts, shackles etc.


Pressure Systems (PSSR)

All pressure systems must be considered for inclusion on a Written Scheme of Examination (WSE) and most must be inspected in accordance with one. We create and supply WSE free of charge.
We inspect all types of pressurised systems. These systems include but are not limited to air systems, steam systems, refrigeration systems etc. The plant included in these systems can be air receivers, steam boilers (direct or in-direct fired), hot water boilers, sterilizers (dental etc.), mobile compressors etc.


Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) Plant (COSHH)

Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) is the law that requires employers to control substances that are harmful to health. An important element of this is the requirement to check how effective in-place systems are. We provide inspection, testing and certification of LEV plant to this end.


Work Equipment (PUWER)

The Provision of Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) place duties on employers to ensure that equipment used for work is safe.
Work equipment can be any machinery, appliance, apparatus, tool or installation for use at work. We provide inspection and certification of equipment which falls under the remit PUWER.


Clear Documentation

We will provide clear concise documentation after completing the inspections. Our documents meet all the Healthy and Safety Executive requirements. All our testing and inspection services are of the highest quality and are competitively priced.

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Are you looking for professionals who offer thorough Plant Inspections in Northern Ireland? Look no further than Engineering Inspections Ireland Ltd